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Friendship Quilt Guild

Jacksonville, Florida

Friendship Quilters Guild

Jacksonville, Florida

We are a joyful group who wish to preserve the heritage of quilting.

We want to be a delightful source of information and inspiration to help keep the high quality of excellence in quilting and related sewing arts. And most importantly be a gathering for people with a common interest for the love of fabric, color, design and quilting.

We also offer programs, classes, retreats, events and quilt challenges to the quilting community. We share fabrics, patterns and sewing notions and of course share refreshments before the meeting. We have several fabric exchanges plus loads of community projects to join in and support. Our wonderful show-and-tell is a great opportunity to see great quilting skill and accomplishments and how prolific many of our members are. 

FQG started out as a very small guild 35 years ago and has grown to nearly 100 members. We still have founding members attending monthly. And, we are proud to have held the first Quilt Show in Jacksonville which has grown to be the Nationally Recognized Jacksonville Quilt Fest. 

Our outstanding Programs and Events enhance our quilting, always having a great time together reaching our goals. We have several luncheons each year, after all Friendship must be the key :) 

Whatever the effort, the impact is always greater when people are working together. If you are making a quilt for a dear friend, a family member, a guild project, or one to call your very own, don't miss out on the fun of being in an excellent support group of friends - the Friendship Quilters Guild.


Join us won't you? Nothing could be more fun than friends and fabric.


We update information often to keep you in the loop. If you would like to Subscribe you will be the first to know.

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