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Quilt Fest Jax logo.jpg

Our Part in QuiltFest

Sept 2019 - Prime Osborn Center

QuiltFest is a fabulous National Quilt Show put on by the Seven Sisters Guilds of which we are a part.

The 7 Stars in the QuiltFest logo above is the 7 Sisters Block.

We sponsor a particular area of the show each year. Everyone can volunteer. Each member is expected to purchase Opportunity Quilt Tickets for a chance to win a beautiful quilt created by our guild to be given away in a drawing at the end of the show. What an exciting time!

We also donate baskets full of goodies that go with the QuiltFest theme. Bring you new or appears new tools, threads, fabrics, notions of all kinds, books etc. to fill the baskets. In 2018 we proudly donated 6 baskets.

If you are interested in joining in the fun and wish to be a part of QuiltFest be sure to see one of our 6 QuiltFest representatives or our President if you wish to help with the Opportunity Quilt.

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